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À : Beryl Baker <>
Sujet : News from Beryl Baker
Date : 19/03/2020 17:12:48 Europe/Paris

Dear prayer partners of Beryl

As I hadn’t heard from Beryl for so long, I tried this afternoon and got through to her on a very poor connection in the Chaco!  We were both astonished.  We kept losing contact but Beryl was able to tell me the following.

There was a partial closure last week but now everything is mostly stopped in Paraguay to stop the spread of the corona virus.  There have only been a few cases as far as Beryl knows and she hasn’t seen any there, only pneumonia and Dengue fever, a lot of those.

All the large supermarkets are closed and the schools.  There is a curfew at 6 pm and anyone breaking it gets a large fine from the police.  They are allowed to go for essential foods in smaller supermarkets presumably and medicines.  The Mennonite colonies are the same. 

The petrol station at Rio Verde is still open because they sell fuel but no supplies are getting through so the shelves are nearly empty of any fresh produce.  People are managing with what they had already.  Beryl says she is ok because she has some basic foods.

The weather is very hot – 40 – 41 degrees C and they are entering drought conditions.  Chris Hawksbee was in touch from Asuncion and said they had a little rain yesterday.

Tim Curtis was due to come to the UK in April.  He was able to get on one of the last flights out of Paraguay, to France and arrived yesterday.  Beryl doesn’t know if he has arrived in the UK yet.  He is going to stay with his father and sister.  

Severiano, who was helping Beryl, became very unhelpful and stopped working.  Beryl thinks he is very anxious about his daughter and depressed.  He left yesterday but his younger brother in law, Bernardino, has started work in his place.  He is in his early twenties, Beryl said.  Beryl is very grateful to the Lord for his provision of Bernardino.

Beryl asked about the situation here in the UK and I was able to say a little.  

Communication was very difficult so after being cut off yet again, we said our farewells.  I’m still amazed that we managed to communicate!  Thank you Lord.

(This is all I could find from the BBC website and not specifically about Paraguay.

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Beryl’s previous letter:

Dear Prayer partners

Sorry for the long delay in getting in touch. Now I am in Asuncion I can rectify the lack of communication.

 Over two weeks ago after seeing Trudy and obtaining medicines in Loma Plata with the intention of driving into Estribo on my return journey, my  plans were halted  when the front Wheel of the car detached itself and flew underneath the car.  I had pulled to the side of the road to avoid a hole and that’s when the Wheel came off otherwise if I had been going any faster no doubt the car would have overturned.  Two indigenous people who live in Estribo turned up and they were able to take the urgently needed medicines to Cirilo and the Health Promoter and Andrea, the 19 year old with cutaneous Lupus.

 My insurance paid for a breakdown truck which came from Loma Plata and the driver had great difficulty hauling a three wheeled vehicle aboard.  I returned to the ranch at 9,30pm but the driver of the breakdown truck wanted to know about Jesus so the time was not wasted.

 The camioneta now has four wheels again but it is unsafe to use and I’m praying about where it should be taken.  I came to town on the bus, a very eventful journey too, after being on the road since 6am . The early morning bus did not arrive as it had turned over before reaching the ranch.  Passengers had to be taken to hospital but nobody was seriously injured.

The next bus was standing room only but I was given a seat and stayed on that bus until Villa Hayes where I was hoping to meet Tito’s wife to give her some money and also get to the Regional health offices.  The latter was not possible as by the time the bus arrived in Villa Hayes they were shut but Nancy ,Tito’s wife received her money from her husband ok and then she graciously drove me to the Asuncion house and I am very grateful to be here.

 The drought continues with very high temperatures and there is no grass left for the cattle and horses and Mari, Rhett’s wife is blocking all communication with Rhett and that is a matter for urgent prayer as nobody can speak to Rhett and he, I know will be only too willing to authorise the purchase of food for the animals.  There are lots of calves but without food the cows cannot produce enough milk for them.

 Love and prayers,