Beryl update: 06/06/2020


Give thanks –

·         that Beryl was able to travel down to Asuncion last Thursday.  She expects to be staying till Monday

·         that she has had good conversations with Rhett and that he sounds very well

·         that Rhett has told Beryl she can have help from his friend in Filadephia with the repair of her car

·         that a plumber was able to repair problems in her Asuncion house

·         that she and the people in her area have been protected from the viral infection

·         that because they all have to wear masks when they travel out, respiratory infections are rare at present

·         that immunisations have resumed for the children, at the Rio Verde clinic

·         that Beryl is up to date with paying her staff and all is well with them

·         that thanks to good internet connection, Beryl was able to speak to Bev Richardson who is in Oxford waiting to get back to Asuncion, and working on line at present

·         that Beryl was able to speak to Tim Curtis who is very grateful for this precious time with his father, in the UK

·         that Claire Holmes is free of cancer after treatment

Please pray for –

·         wisdom for the Government as they decide if they need to re-introduce restrictions because some people are ignoring social distancing and there have been new cases

·         the post to get started again.  The church office has re-opened but no post is getting through at present

·         a terrible drought in the Chaco with a major river now dry

·         for water supplies to communities in the Chaco, especially those needing Government water tankers to come

·         for protection from water borne diseases for the people in the Chaco

·         for one of Beryl’s cats in Asuncion that has cancer and may need to be put down rather than have treatment, a hard decision to make

Beryl sends her grateful thanks for all you do for her, for your prayers and your gifts

Julie on behalf of Beryl, based on our Whatsapp conversation yesterday.

Hopefully an email blessing – John 7 v 37 – 39.  Jesus stood in the Temple, understood to be God’s dwelling place on earth by the worshipping community there, and announced loudly – ‘All who are thirsty, come to me and drink’. The Temple of God had moved and is now within.