Beryl update 13/07/2020

Prayer letter, 13/07/2020

Dear Praying Friends,

I’m in Asuncion and have just joined in St Andrew’s service by Internet. Today Chris Hawksbee preached. Now for the long overdue prayer letter.

Deuteronomy 8.11. Be careful not to forget the Lord your God. Do not stop obeying his commandments. John 14.15.Jesus says “If you love me , keep my commandments : Firstly love God with all your heart, mind and soul & secondly love your neighbour as yourself.” Matt 22.37.38.

Paraguay is blessed with a Christian President and Minister of Health, both with common sense who from the beginning of the pandemic immediately imposed strict precautions to protect everyone. Up to this day only 20 people have died.

2 Peter 3.9 The Lord is not slow in fulfilling his promise. Jesus will return and the things that are happening  are a sure sign that God wants everyone to be aware they must turn back to Him before it is too late.

Please remember in your prayers the desperate need for rain in the Chaco where so many people and grass-eating animals are without water. Wild and domestic lack food too.  Pray for continued protection against Covid 19 and praise that so far the Chaco is clear of positive cases.

The health promoters . Lidia at La Patria. Narcisa at Estribo and Cirilo. Maria Teresa at Larrosa Cue . Norma at her home at the side of the Transchaco road. Arsenio and Lino at Makthlawaiya. Daniel Fernandez at 8 denero which is on the road to La Patria.  Only 2 receive a government salary, a grave injustice.

Cirilo Benitezneeds special prayer as he has a badly infected foot which is taking a long time to heal because of his diabetes. He is 67 and serving the people at Estribo well in spite of being done out of his small pension by someone forging his signature. This month this situation should be put right, DV.

A 38 year old lady that I took to town from the ranch ranch died at her humble home at Limpio, a suburb of Asuncion leaving her tractor driver partner, a 10 year old son and a two year old daughter. The son is with his paternal grandparents while Noemi the 2 year old stays at the ranch with an indigenous family with whom she is extremely happy and well cared for. Her father continues with his work but does not live in the same location as his little daughter.

Please pray for the health situation at Rio Verde where the government health post has been dismantled with no one being informed.  

Trips to the La Patria indigenous communities continue and over the past three weeks I have attended 204 patients all of whom had nothing too seriously wrong. The Anglican pastors at these places are very helpful.

Praise for a new Internet server and telephone number which is 595 994  397 526. Communication should now improve greatly.

The need for a new means of transport is now urgent as the present Toyota is having constant problems and flat tyres; the insurance has now expired.

Jordy is now supporting his mother, Graciela as she has no income due to the school not opening. 6 year old Jonathan is pretty bored by having to stay in most of the time and the TV burnt out during a power cut and he only can use his father’s Smart phone to continue with his On Line education.

Better and more frequent conversations with Rhett are a must. He is well and in Asuncion. He is now 80. After the 15th of this month when the quarantine rules are more relaxed he hopes to come to his ranch  if his wife Mari will drive him to the Chaco. He hasn’t been there for a year.

One side of the Transchaco highway is rapidly advancing and the asphalt from Rio Verde onwards is almost at the entrance to the ranch. Praise the Lord for answered prayers in that the two lovely big trees at the ranch gate will not be cut down. Coping with the clouds of lime cement impregnated dust is a challenge. Very high winds sweeping this dust into the clinic and house makes everything filthy and some of the cats, dogs and horses have infected eyes from the dust.

Neri Sosa. Pastor Juan Sosa’s son, has again broken his leg. It has been pinned and he and his father are now back at Makthlawaiya. Urgent prayer is needed for them along with the diocesan office worker who drove them back to the Chaco  from the indigenous people’s hospital at Limpio where Neri was in a non fumigated room after  a positive Covid 19 patient had been using it. We pray that they have not contracted the virus.

The obligatory use of face masks is now being more strictly enforced with huge fines for people who will not conform with quarantine rules.

To finish as I started: Trust and obey as there is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey. Thank you for your prayers. May the Lord bless you and protect you.  Lots of love,  Beryl.