Beryl update: 18/05/2020


The weather is cooler in the morning but the afternoon sun is very fierce. No rain is forecast and the Chaco drought is very serious.

 The lady that I brought to town died last night. Her partner had taken her to a doctor where she was told she needed a lot of tests.  She couldn.t walk due to an epidural anaesthetic she was given last December when she had a C section. She also had a gallstone . Yesterday she seemed ok but died at 10pm. As yet I don.t know what the cause of death was.

I will be going back to the Chaco Tuesday DV and one of the tractor drivers will be travelling with me as there are no long distance buses. His wife Dora and the 3 children will have to remain at their home as nobody is allowed to transport children under 10 years of age.

Today I saw Sharon who is doing ok and this afternoon I went with Sylvia in a car to look for her neighbours lost dog that was dognapped and then dumped. We didn.t find her and Sylvia is very distressed. 

Tomorrow the President will announce if any of the quarantine regulations can be less rigid. The only new cases that have been diagnosed are people who have come into Paraguay from Brazil and all of these are confined to hostels.

My sister in law sent me news of one of my great nephews who is a doctor at the Addenbrook’s  hospital in Cambridge as he has invented a touch pad so that patients on respirators can communicate how they feel to doctors and nurses and also express their emotions and worries.

The Lord bless you

Lots of love and prayers