Beryl update: Oct – Dec 2020

December 2nd 2020

 Re: an Advent Taize chant you might like: “Wait for the Lord”, then another one – if you like these:

Dear Julie 

Many thanks for your e mails and I have just listened to the Taize chant – beautiful and very much appreciated. Your prayers were indeed answered with regard to the journey to Asuncion. The day started very early with Tito, the ranch manager, coming to see the damage done to the Toyota the previous Thursday when it decided to move forward a couple of meters and hit the corner of a wall where I was paying a bill in Loma Plata. No damage was done to the wall but the front bumper got a V shaped dent and was falling off one side. Tito wired the bumper back on and then with great difficulty started the engine and told me not to switch it off until I reached the house.
 From Pozo Colorado I drove through torrential rain – it was difficult to see the road but a lorry ahead guided the way to avoid pot holes and parts that were badly flooded in a very short space of time. I arrived at the house at 2.30 pm, enough time to go to the toilet put on wellies and a jacket and call a taxi and I arrived at the dentist’s 10 minutes early for the 3 pm appointment. Just another one of God’s miracles! 
Yesterday was my last appointment and I have just returned to the house now after going to the dentist again to pay the bill. Sharon had given me her card to pay her outstanding debt and mine at the same time. My dentist reduced the price of his work by half which was so generous of him.
The weather again is so very hot but rain is forecast. In spite of two big rains in the Chaco, none fell at the ranch so the drinking holes for the wild animals and cattle remain dry. People over 60 years are not allowed to attend the Chapel or Cathedral services but the other churches welcome all ages providing everyone is well and wears masks etc.
Chris, Alison and Angela are going to the church near the river and are very unhappy with decisions that are being made without consulting with other members of the church.
Victor at Rio Verde is 68 and there are no age limitations there and we praise the Lord come what may. I will write again very soon. I spoke to my sister-in-law earlier today and she said it was 6C and about to snow. Is it that cold where you are?
The big challenge is to get a new vehicle or again get the Toyota properly repaired.
Today’s Bible reading is about God’s faithfulness – Psalm 100:5 The Lord is good; his love is eternal and his faithfulness lasts for ever.

Much love and prayers.



Friday, 30 October 2020

Hi Julie

Thank you for all your e mails. I am in town since last night and have just returned from a very long session at the dentist. All is well and I have another appointment for 26th November.
Rain has fallen in the Chaco nearly every day this week and as a result water cisterns are filling up and the grass is growing and now the temperature is bearable. Everyone gives thanks and praise for the end to the drought and hope for all forms of life after more than a year without any significant rainfall.I am getting some photos ready for Noel and St.Paul’s and everyone else. I will now attempt to communicate with Rhett and hope to give you more updates while I am in town.

Love and prayers,