Upcoming Events


Our next services and events:

Sunday 24th September at 17.00: Holy Communion

Sunday 1st October at 10.00: Service of the Word

Sunday 8th October at 10.00: Service of the Word

Sunday 22nd October at 17.00: Harvest Festival & Holy Communion, preceded by afternoon tea at 15.30 and followed by auction of produce in aid of Beryl Baker and her clinic in Paraguay.

Sunday 29th October from 9.30:  Church Breakfast. Change of venue : chez Nick and Louise Spanner, Place du Village 2, 1586 Vallamand-Dessus. We suggest car sharing. Please get in touch with Ken, Nick or Jordan if you need help.
An informal gathering, a celebration of the love of God and his amazing and enduring grace to everyone of us.

Fortnightly Bible study sessions at Ken & Milli’s flat, Peseux, every second Monday evening at 8 pm and on Thursday mornings from 9.30 am, resuming on 4th and 7th September after the summer break. All welcome. Please confirm with Ken if you’re intending to come.