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Mary's meeting at Easter


Our next services and events, at La Coudre Reformed Church unless otherwise specified:


We’re raising money to help a house in Calais, run by Brother Johannes Maertens, with the assistance of volunteers who stay up to six months. The Maria Skobtsova house provides food, showers, laundry facilities, clothes, shoes and sleeping bags as well as a safe haven for 10 of the youngest and most vulnerable migrants.

In addition, the Diocese of Canterbury is appointing a new priest to be based in Calais, who’ll need money to be able to provide not only food but also assistance to navigate British and French bureaucracy, and language lessons.

Here’s how you can help (If you weren’t able to come to our fundraising  meal on Sunday 25th March!) :

  • Order some homemade fudge or a jar of marmalade
  • Make a donation

IBAN : CH25 0029 0290 F280 0314 1     Société de l’Eglise Anglaise.    Clearly mark “for Calais refugees”

For further information contact Jenny Veenendaal , Rosemarie Zimmerman or Hazel Moreau

FOOD BOX – Following our Live Lent 2018 group meetings, we have decided to place a box in church for Lent, which we’ll try to fill with food. We’ll give this box to La Lanterne, the Neuchâtel street mission, who regularly hand out bags of food to people in need.  What’s acceptable for this food box? Basically it’s anything that’s sealed and has a shelf life of at least 2 – 3 months: pasta, rice, jars or tins of pasta sauce, biscuits, chocolate, cereal bars etc. If you would like to make a contribution to the food box, even if you don’t attend the services very often, please get in touch with anyone from the church council or ministry team.    https://www.eren.ch/accompagnement/aumonerie-de-rue/ to find out more about La Lanterne

Sunday 22nd April at 17.00 Holy Communion, followed by AGM

Sunday 6th May at 10.00 Service of the Word

Sunday 13th May at 10.00 Holy Communion

Sunday 27th May at 17.00 Holy Communion

Prayer Meetings: for details please contact Ken or Hazel

Monthly Taizé-style ecumenical services in La Chaux-de-Fonds: