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Beryl Baker Appeal

Last autumn we should have been inviting you to our Harvest Festival, to praise God and His Creation, and to enjoy its fruits in scones, tea and a hard-fought auction for jams, chutneys, wine, spaghetti etc.

Sadly, this was not possible due to Covid 19, and it also meant that holding a Carol Service this Christmas would prove impossible. We were very sorry to miss seeing you and catching up on your news. Our thoughts and prayers are for all who were unable to be with family and whose life has been thrown into turmoil by the crisis.

Our very great concern has been for Beryl Baker, our nurse-missionary friend in Paraguay. (See Outreach page on this website) As you may know, the collections from both these services, plus the proceeds from the auction, have always been sent to help her brave and amazing work in the Chaco region of Paraguay. Thanks to your support over the years, we have been able to send between 2000 and 3000.- francs each year. Beryl depends entirely on donations for her work, for medical supplies, for car repairs, for instance. Hospitals in town will only admit the indigenous people she cares for if they can already pay. In the past, among other things, we have been able to finance several cataract operations. You may have heard in the news of the catastrophic drought (luckily now over!) that has reduced the region to its knees, with forest fires raging out of control. Now the pandemic is also taking its toll, but this brave little lady is battling on and her faith in God is unshakable, as can be seen in her latest letter. (see Outreach page)

Neuchâtel Church is struggling to survive at the moment since several families have moved away. We don′t want this to mean that Beryl′s work is impaired. If you feel you can contribute to this appeal, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And don’t forget to follow Beryl’s activities among her adopted people, the Chaco Indians, on our Outreach page.

God bless you and all those dear to you in this very difficult time.

Clive Atkinson, chaplain, and the congregation of Neuchâtel English Church

 HOW YOU CAN DONATE    On-line:    IBAN: CH86 0029 0290 IN 10 023 00  Please indicate ʺ Beryl Baker Appeal ʺ 
1st January 2021:

Dear Friends,

A big THANK YOU to you all for your generosity.

You will be pleased to hear that, thanks to your amazing response to our appeal, we have raised a staggering CHF 2‘671 for Beryl Baker, to enable her to continue her brave work in the Chaco region of Paraguay.

Thank you once again and may God bless you and all those dear to you.

Patricia Smith
Neuchâtel English Church

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We managed to hold a simplified form of our annual summer open-air service and BBQ on Sun 23rd August at Boudevilliers!

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Recently we organized a soup meal for the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal, which raised 400Chf for work done in Calais by the churches, once again  amongst under-age refugees.

We also continue to support our friend Beryl Baker, a nurse/missionary in her clinic in Paraguay, working among the Chaco Indians.  Our collections at Christmas, Harvest Festival and its accompanying auction of produce are vital for her ongoing work.

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