Neuchâtel English Church would love to have you come
and share with us in God’s love.  We’re happy to answer
any questions you have or to help you in any way we can.

Reach out to us today. 

Service Times:
 on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. Please check website for full details.

Holy Communion
on the 4th Sundays at 5 pm

Service of the Word
on the 2nd Sundays at 10 am

Where we meet
The Neuchâtel English Church

EREN  Swiss Reformed Church
La Coudre,   Neuchatel.
(opposite the Chaumont Funiculaire)

Who we are

Chaplain : Rev. Clive Atkinson (All Saints Church, Vevey)

Neuchâtel ministry team : currently Rev. Kenneth Kvistad

Church Council: Jenny Veenendaal (Churchwarden, Synod representative), Pat Smith (Treasurer), Maggie Matthews, Teblez Beyn & Abbie Therrien (ordinary members)

Ex-officio:  Rosemarie Zimmermann (organist), Ann Morel Huber (Website, Magazine editor, Electoral roll officer), Kirk Kvistad (Worship leading, occasional speaker and website assistance)

Echos of the 2018 AGM held on Sunday 22nd April

Elections & Appointments

Jenny Veenendaal was unanimously re-elected Churchwarden and warmly thanked for agreeing to continue in this important role.

The following council members were duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected:

  • Teblez Beyne
  • Maggie Matthews
  • Pat Smith
  • Abbie Therrien

The following auditors were duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected:

  • Brenda Girardbille
  • Paul Matthews

In his Chaplain’s Report, Rev. Clive Atkinson expressed his thanks for the support and friendship of everyone in the church, and his huge thanks to Ken and Jenny for their role at NEC and the time they have invested over the past year.  He also expressed his thanks to Rev. Roy Farrar for his work in the ministry team, to Pat Smith the Treasurer, to the Council Members and to everyone who helps out enabling Neuchâtel English Church to continue in the face of present and future uncertainties.  He noted with satisfaction that we continue to meet, to support each other and to grow in faith, saying that just staying on course takes endurance and commitment.  He congratulated  everyone.

Clive, Ken and Jenny will organize an evening meeting of the new council as soon as possible, inviting all members to attend, in order to discuss the future of the church.

In her Churchwarden’s Report, Jenny Veenendaal reminded us that we have continued to operate.  We have nurtured our spiritual life, and tried to remain a shining light of Christ in Neuchâtel.  We have continued to play a role in the ecumenical movement in the canton with members being involved in the monthly cantonal “Taizé” prayers and in the ecumenical celebration of the 500thanniversary of the Reform movement.  We also took part in the international Day of Prayer, and the week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Bible Study sessions were led regularly by Ken, with a break for Live Lent 2018.  Prayer meetings were held.  We continued our charitable work, not only through our tithes, but by supporting our nurse/missionary Beryl Baker through the collections at the Carol Service and the auction of produce at the Harvest Festival, and by organizing a Lenten Meal and sale of Fudge and Marmalade in support of underage refugees in Calais as part of the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal.

Jenny concluded by encouraging us to see Christ in all those around us and to continue to pray for guidance.  She also expressed her sincere and heartfelt thanks to Clive, Ken and Roy for their leadership, to Rosemarie for our music, and to everyone who works to keep our church functioning.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Pat Smith. She commented the figures on the handouts, noting that our income was considerably lower than in 2016, so that rather than beginning to replace the 20,000 CHF invested in our endeavours to have a house-for-duty priest, we had an operating deficit of 653 CHF.

She noted with satisfaction that Villa Yoyo, a recipient of part of our tithes, was growing and had opened a second after-school club for under-privileged children.

She explained that the budget for 2018 was closely based on the Actual 2017, but noted that our Diocesan Contribution will almost certainly increase, probably by 5%.

Pat was thanked for all her work, and the Treasurer’s Report was duly proposed, seconded and unanimously accepted.

The Auditors’ Report was given by Paul Matthews. Speaking for himself and Ann Morel Huber, Paul  reported to the Assembly that they had examined the accounts, that all their queries had been clearly answered, that the accounts were well kept and were an accurate account of the church’s financial situation.

The Assembly thanked the auditors for their work and for their report.

Archdeaconry Synod Report

Jenny Veenendaal, the Synod representative, reported on the two meetings that had taken place.  Both sessions of the first meeting had been largely devoted to work on Bishop Robert’s wish to inspire the Diocese in Europe with a sense of common purpose and with evangelization.  Time was also devoted to discussion of violence in society, particularly interfaith conflict, and the suffering caused by divisions within the church community regarding human sexuality.  The Environmental Officer also gave information about raising awareness in our churches of environmental issues.  The second meeting was largely devoted to church administrative and financial business.

Any other business:  In view of their plans to leave Neuchâtel in the second half of the year, Bernard and Hazel Moreau were thanked by all members present  for their work for the church.