Neuchatel English Church News

Obituary – Bernard Moreau

Our community in Neuchâtel were recently shocked and saddened to learn of the untimely death of Bernard Moreau in Montpellier, France where he and his wife Hazel had moved back to six years ago. They had spent many years with us in Neuchâtel Church – interspersed with a period of a few years in Montpellier where they opened a sandwich bar – to be closer to their son Chris and family and to teach grandson Hayden to speak fluent English. They quickly became stalwarts of our church, with Hazel playing an important role of secretary on the Church council and Bernard ever present at her side to help with financial, technical or financial matters. 

We were sorry to see them return to Montpellier, and glad to welcome them back when they came to visit their family. Unfortunately Bernard had been diagnosed with a form of Alzheimer’s disease, for which he was able to receive treatment and retard the progression of the disease. But from Christmas 2021, his mental health declined rapidly and he needed help with eating and drinking. His speech was affected and he started receiving palliative care at home. His death came as a shock to us all, but we were relieved that he did not have a long period of suffering.

A simple graveside ceremony was held at the local cemetery. Pat, Jenny and Peter made the journey to represent our church. 

Please pray for Hazel, her daughter Penny, son Christopher and grandson Hayden and may God comfort them in their mourning.

Annual picnic 2021

How nice it was to come together informally on Sunday 5th September 2021 with our friends from the church family without masks or computer screens, to enjoy the beauty and stillness of Rosemarie and Benoît’s garden and a breathtaking view of the Val-de-Ruz! For once we didn’t organise a service … or a barbecue, so Peter was able to have a peaceful lunch! We were also delighted to welcome back Sheelagh and her husband Dick, over from the USA for a short holiday, visiting their sons.

Who can you recognise on the photos?

Obituary: Nick Spannner

We were saddened to learn of the untimely death of our friend and former member Nick Spanner, who passed away on the 18th August 2021 at the age of 73 after a valiant combat against cancer. A service of celebration and thanksgiving to his life was held on Wed. 25th August at the Spanners’ home in Vallamand. with his family and friends participating.

Here are some extracts:

His master replied, well done my good and faithful servant!

For to me, to live is Christ 
(He is my source of joy, my reason to live), 
and to die is gain 
(for I will be with Him in eternity).

Matt 25

I have fought the good fight 
I have finished the race I have kept the faith
2 Tim 4:7

Nick & Louise Spanner

“When my Father Calls Me Home”, a poem by Luke Spanner

From pain and suffering to unspeakable joyFrom time limited to eternity
When my Father calls me homeWhen my Father calls me home
From darkness to glorious lightI will walk with God and
When my Father calls me homedance with God
When my Father calls me home
From sin to everlasting righteousnessBecause of what you have done,
When my Father calls me homeI’ll come
When my Father calls me home
From a broken heart to pure love foreverBecause of who you are, my
When my Father calls me homemaker and King, I’ll be there
When my Father calls me home
From sickness and disease to an everlasting bodyForever, I’ll shine in the
When my Father calls me homepresence of my Heavenly Father.
From a broken spirit to a crown of lifeI’ll rule with Him,I’ll worship Him, be one with Him.
When my Father calls me home
From broken body to a 
royal robeWhen my Father calls me home
When He calls me home.When my father calls me home.
 “A Generous Man ”
A Song Tribute to Nick by Kirk
I think you can see 
He’s a generous man 
Gives more than he takes 
Seems to understand 
Doesn’t live for himself 
He’s a genuine man
I think we all know he’s a generous man
I think you can tell 
He’s a righteous man 
Gives more than he takes 
Seems to understand 
Doesn’t live for himself 
He’s a genuine man
I think we all know he’s a generous man
I think it’s clear to see 
It’s not for gain or show 
He doesn’t even want you to really know 
Where it is and where it all comes from 
He always points 
to the Lord above 

Based on Ps 112

“Nick’s Passion”
A reflection by Ken Kvistad
Nick prayed that everyone would know Jesus, live according to his life and teachings, and live eternally in his Peace and Grace

.Let us all seek Jesus Christ now so that we may have life and to the fullest. Those who hope in the Lord will … soar on wings like eagles Isa 40
God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”  john 3:16