Neuchatel English Church News

 March 2021

Dear Church family,
You may have already heard that our Chaplain, Rev. Clive Atkinson, who is also responsible for All Saints Vevey and St Peter’s in Château-d’Oex will be leaving us after Easter to take up a charge at Willowfield Anglican Church in Belfast. As his successor will not be given responsibility for Neuchâtel, this will mean we are – once  again! – obliged to find a new regular priest / worship leader for our services. At the 2020 AGM, Jenny Veenendaal stood down after a long and much appreciated period as Churchwarden. We are still on the lookout for a successor. Other members leaving Neuchâtel have meant that there are also 2 posts to be filled on the Church Council. For all such appointments, membership of the church Electoral Roll is essential; new members who are regular attenders or who would like to be so in future and are already baptised, will of course be gladly welcome to join.

The Archdeacon for Switzerland, Rev. Adèle Kelham has been assisting us in our search for a future priest. For the time being, as long as the Covid 19 is rife in Switzerland, we can benefit from the online possibilities available from the other Anglican churches in Switzerland. If you are interested but have not yet tried the various possibilities published on our website we can inform you by regular email of the live services by ZOOM on Sundays at 17.30 organised by the Château-d’Ôex congregation, led by Clive Atkinson, which we particularly recommend. Pat can send you the entry code by email. Services from Basle English church are also appreciated by members of our congregation. We also organise a ZOOM Bible study and a new ZOOM coffee and chat corner to which all are welcome!

We have also been invited to share the online resources of St Ursula’s Church in Berne and are looking into the possibility of having Revd Helen Marshall come to Neuchâtel once a month to lead us in a Communion Service. This will probably take place on a weekday as Helen is already very busy with services in Berne on a Sunday.

Ms Marshall has agreed to come from St Ursula’s Church in Berne to lead a service of Holy Communion on Monday 19th July at 18h. We do hope that you will be able to attend as we try to get our church and congregation meeting again. We can then further discuss holding regular services once again.
If anyone requires a lift please let us know by email and we will arrange for you to be picked up and please also spread the word to anyone that I may have forgotten.
We will of course be observing the measures in effect at that time concerning the pandemic and will ensure that the windows are opened regularly so that the room is thoroughly aired. For this first occasion we have not planned tea and coffee after the service.
Looking forward to seeing you soon at our hall in la Rue des Poudrières, Neuchâtel
The Neuchâtel English Church Council