Practical Information

We meet at the Deutschsprachige Kirchgemeinde premises
Rue des Poudrières 21, 
2000, Neuchâtel

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Blue zone, street parking in Rue St Nicolas, 100 metres down the road in the direction of the Ethnographic museum
Parking meters in the road leading down to the Hôtel du Prussien beneath the Cantonal Police building

Bus routes:

Trolleybus 101 from Marin via Place Pury to Cormondrèche. Bus stops at St-Nicolas MEN (2 minutes’ walk up the main road) or Les Poudrières (2 minutes’ walk down the road)
Trolleybus 120 from Neuchâtel railway station (north side) to Rochefort/Bôle ; get off at Vauseyon and walk down the main road, passing by the shops (pharmacy). Use the pedestrian underpass to cross.  5-10 minutes’ walk.