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Taizé services 2018

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Taizé services 2018

Our services and events over the next few weeks

  • Sunday 28th October at 17.00    Harvest Festival Service:  Bring-and-Share afternoon tea  before the service in the Church Hall downstairs from 16.00 and auction of produce after the service for our nurse/missionary Beryl Baker in Paraguay. All gifts of harvest produce and snacks for the buffet will be gratefully accepted. Bring the family and bid for a jar of home-made chutney, a packet of Italian spaghetti  or a bottle of wine from the Engadin!

    Beryl Baker offers the only hope of medical treatment to around 18,000 Indians in the Paraguayan Chaco. She has dedicated 30 years of her life to this area and describes herself as ‘orderly, gynaecologist, midwife and dentist’, treating anything from TB to gunshot wounds and snakebite. The government provides some medicines but offers little else in the way of support. Beryl has trained Indian health promoters to meet some basic community health needs.

    Beryl runs a clinic based on a ranch owned by an American from Texas.  The Indians will hitch lifts many miles to seek help from Beryl.

    Unlike many ranches the ranch has kept many trees and is a haven for wildlife.  Beryl has a love for animals, especially horses, though a fear of snakes.  When Captain Richard visited from a N.Z. parish in 2011, Beryl was looking after a young but very large giant anteater in her front room!

    Beryl’s love for animals and the environment is huge.  Yet her deepest love is Jesus and his word.  She takes every opportunity to share his life through word and practical care.   Every year the Neuchâtel English Church raises funds for medical supplies for Beryl’s work.

    And yes, I believe the opening sentence is correct, it is EIGHTEEN THOUSAND people who depend on Beryl and the people she’s trained and keeps supplied with basic medecines.


NEUCHÂTEL CHURCH Harvest Festival 2018